70/70 Vision is a major installation of images, stories and….. seats!

Presenting large format photographic images of 70 local residents, along with their stories of life in Harlow, this installation is
designed as a talking point… literally offering a chance to sit and chat in one of the 70 seats built into the exhibition.

70/70 Vision was commissioned as the culmination of a year long series of events to celebrate Harlow's seventieth anniversary. Created by local photographer Chris Haddon and Harlow-based artist Richard Sobey, 70/70 Vision focusses on the residents of the town, rather than the architecture and master plans that more usually spring to mind when we think of New Towns.

Conversation was the starting point with Chris meeting participants from all walks of life to hear about their lives while he captured striking images of some of those who define the town. Chris has heard personal stories of endeavour and triumph, of hardship and exclusion. But time and time again what has shone through was a belief in Harlow and its future. 70/70 Vision seems to have captured the shared experiences we reveal when we talk together. It demonstrates that in our fast paced daily lives and in times of change, conversation really matters.

Why not strike up a conversation with someone you have never met?